Today Auntie M left Middle Son and his Wife hard at work on their Master’s stuff and drove off into the mountains in the direction of Ballston Spa, where we knew there was a huge antiques emporium just waiting for our credit card.

We stopped for lunch nearby at a place called The Whistling Tea Kettle, where I had a tea called Earl Grey Cream and Doc had iced Huckleberry.  He bought some loose Giverny Monet to take home after smelling its combo of chocolate, pineapple and walnut.  We ate panini’s and salad, and forged out, bellies full and ready to do our damage on the goods waiting to be discovered.

We poured through sheet music from the 1920’s and furniture from the 1860’s.  We sighed over the patina of old woods and inspected china and pottery for chips and flaws.  We sifted through boxes of ‘smalls’ and baskets of linens, and eventually came away with a few keepers of to take home.

Just how successful were we? (I can hear you out there asking.)  We managed to find a small fleur-de-lys pin for moi (we have them all over our house as our ’emblem,’ representing the two of us and our blended family of Our Three Sons.  There was a very inexpensive but delightfully starched and pressed tablecloth, some tiny plates with roses for Mom and Friends Back Home, but our Big Purchases boiled down to two:

One was from a neat place called Genevieve’s, which is named after the owner’s grandmother, and is a metal trellis with FIVE fleur-de-lys that Doc found.  I am now designing a flower box to go on our screened porch for year-round flowers that will climb their way up this trellis–once Doc builds the flowers box, of course.  Neat.

Find Two was Doc’s, who sometimes surprises me.  This year Paramedic Son finally has a holiday off–he’ll have all day of Thanksgiving, so we will have a big family dinner with assorted guests at our house.  Doc spied a huge turkey platter with eight matching plates, all with different scenes of turkeys in the wild, and bargained them down to a reasonable price.  We’ll christian them this November, use the platter at least all year round, and recall our trip to the Catskills whenever we do.  Did I mention that Doc’s fave adult bev of choice is Bourbon?  You got it–Wild Turkey!