Auntie M is very fond of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Two of her favorite people live there: author Green Girl with her Team Testosterone; and her artist pal Alice King Case.  Both are great women with artistic brains and savvy sensitivities.

Which is why my ears perked up when Doc was watching the DIY Network last night and a bit from Appleton, Wisconsin came on.   Then I had to chuckle as  I listened as Joel Surprise (his real name?) was interviewed about his business, the Spudgun Technology Center.

Yes, you read that correctly.  And here is is, above.   An entire business and website dedicated to various methods, equipment and means of shooting POTATOES are far as they can go!  Who knew??

When I’d wiped my eyes, I watched the segment.  Apparently this of great interest to men across the nation, a wonderful pasttime for those males who’ve not outgrown their competitive natures.

Their motto is: “Because we are men, and because we can.”

(I swear I’m not making this up)~

Just check out the looks of delight on those weirdo’s big galoophs gents faces!

For those of you who want to clue their mates in,  the pressurized models shoot the furthest. . .

(Thanks to Spudgun Tech Ctr. and Google Images)