From humor author Jan McCanless, a memory for Labor Day:

 Hooked on a  Feeling
                                                                                     by Jan mcCanless

     One of the news magazines I subscribe to had a blurb this week about Lake  Leelanau, in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  That’s the place my family went to every summer;  my dad couldn’t take the summer heat of Florida, and went in search of cooler temps. He found it in northern Michigan. The article went on to tell about the delicious cherries found in the area, that every roadside stand had fresh cherries, and on our way up to our cabin, we would often stop by the side of the road, and watch the cherry pickers. This was before we had tv, so we had to watch something!  They were so good! There is nothing quite like Michigan cherries.

     Then, the article went on to describe the huge sand dunes at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Park. They were like mountains to me, huge things, and the challenge was to see how easily you could climb one. Not an easy task, since you sank down into the sand a little bit, and the higher you went, the tougher it got. But once at the top, oh what fun to slide down, never mind the mouthful of sand one got on the way. It gave a terrific feeling of freedom and exhilaration.

     We generally stayed until the Labor Day weekend, when  it was time to go home and start a new school year.  That was not fun or exhilarating – – -to me. 

     To this day, I enjoy outdoor adventures, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the summer Olympics this year.  I can’t help but admire the athletes and their prowess at these games. Imagine the work and practice it took to get there.  I wonder if they had as much fun as I did sliding down those sand dunes.

      Looking at the divers and swimmers really was enjoyable, and i can just imagine myself doing a graceful swan dive off the 16′ board into that beautiful, clear water.  Okay, so I thought I would try it, I mean, how hard could it be anyway ? I just pretended in my mind I was sliding down that huge sand dune toward the bottom.  

     You ever do a belly flop off a diving board?  I’m here to tell you, it ain’t fun! For one thing, it hurts like the dickens; for another, a snootful of pool water is not cool.

Back to the Olympics.  I am so proud of team USA for their outstanding performances, and every time I hear the National anthem played, and see our flag raised, I get goose bumps on top of goosebumps.  I am definitely hooked on that feeling, and haven’t had so much enjoyment out of sports since sliding down that sand dune—even if my brother pushed me.