My Silver Fox, not to be confused with Green Girl from Wisconsin’s own, brought me a sack of books from a sale.  The jewel in the bag was Margaret Duffy’s Murder of Crows, which conveniently happened to be the first of her series about a divorced couple who must remarry to aid Merry Ol’ England at the start of MI-5.  Now spy novels are not usually my cup of tea, but the spy bit almost stays in the background, if you discount a few murders here and there, as Duffy brings us up to speed with this unusual couple (he’s missing a limb but you’ll have to read the book to find out which one).  There were a few brief sex scenes I had to read twice to see if they were, indeed, sex scenes–they were.  I quickly ordered the rest of the series in used books with a Christmas GC from my MN family, and look forward to catching up with this unlikely but highly like-able duo.