Hello fellow readers and writers.  I’ve returned from Texas which was a hoot: borrowed a cowboy hat, imbibed too many tequila drinks to mention, ate tons of Mexican food & Texas BBQ, and hardly slept.  Heard some great music, esp. Albert & Gage, whose CD’s I would recommend. She is 1/2 French and has a lovely voice and does some songs in Eng/Fr, including my wedding song, “La Vie en Rose” so I’m a fan.  Learned to two-step, saw the countryside, the downtown and the UT campus, all thanks to my good friend and Shakespeare scholar, Susan.  This is one neat place, stuck in the 60’s and swinging on all counts.  And Susan’s kids helped to make our stay a great one, taking us on drives, entertaining us at home, joining us for music and food.   A fun time.

But now back to work and revisions have commenced on the newest novel, featuring RN Trudy Genova, who works as a medical consultant for a movie studio and is usually found helping out at soap operas filmed in the Big Apple.  Behind-the-scenes stuff at soaps mingles with her helping to solve the murder of actor Griff Kennedy, who may or may not deserve his fate, depending on your point of view.   Lead detective Ned O’Malley would rather she left the sleuthing to him, but our Trudy knows better, she thinks.

On the reading front, and since I’m revising Trudy in first person, I’ve kept reading Margaret Duffy’s series featuring novelist Ingrid Langley and Army Capt. Patrick Gillard, as they are written in first person and also highly engaging.  Duffy has a host of stand-alones, too, but this series is identified as having some kind of bird in the title: A Murder of Crows, Death of a Raven, Brass Eagle, etc.  They take place in the UK and I enjoy her description of the male-female relationship as much as the action.