Followup to Procrastination from Saturday:  It’s Wednesday in sunny NC–no snow flurries like Green Girl in Wisconsin–and I have worked on the porch part of each day, revising and adding new bits, trying to plump up character’s personalities and add details that make this a fun read.

But after dinner out to celebrate a friend’s positive chemo progress, Sunday’s Wire in the Blood, dog training and grooming, floors, cooking, wash,  trying to make two outfits Grand 2 requested for her upcoming birthday (she’s into history and the era of the month is 1776), cooking, wash, out yesterday to buy fresh eggs at the egg farm (hey, they’re right from the hen,  only $1.05 a dozen, delicious flavor, only you have to buy 15 dozen at a time, ) then we had to deliver some to neighbors who were sharing our 1/2 crate, wash, check emails, send out notices for the next Writers Read, cook, have lunch with Mom in town and have hair trimmed, then set up her new birthday TV with Doc, read and answer a few blogs, get Christening gift for this Sunday, make out and mail May’ birthday/anniversary cards, dally in the hot tub briefly with son and his wife, make dinner for same, a new recipe to die for, etc. etc. etc.—I’m only up to page 54 on my manuscript!    I did not take Hen’s advice and have a vodkatini, YET~

But I’m seriously thinking about it.  Will it help me writer faster/better/quicker? No.

But will I care?  Probably not. . .
after all, I only have about 220 pages left to go~