Wouldn’t it be nice if we had one someday? But no, this is the title of  Reginald Hill’s 560+ page novel I’ve just finished reading.  Hill just seems to get longer and better with each outing.   He’s  a great plotter and his dialogue is a hoot! This is one of the Dalziel and Pascoe series, (also televised at some point years ago on BBC and well worth a look if you ever come across the DVD’s.)  When he has Andy Dalziel speak, I have to laugh out loud sometimes, he had that voice nailed so perfectly.

This one centers on a small town on the Yorkshire coast which is trying to build up itself as a health resort.  Our Andy finds himself ensconced there as he rehabs from the blast that almost killed him in the last book (The Death of Dalziel).  And rehab he does, all of his pertinent parts and then some.

I love reading Hill because he knows so darn much and shares it so willingly through his characters.

Auntie M is in awe of someone who can pull an opus like this together consistently, over and over, can you tell?