In my northeastern part of North Carolina, we are in the midst (5 days+) of a severe wildfire that has already destroyed 20,000 acres of forested land (part of it on a wildlife refuge), spread across three counties (mine is one of them), and has seen many people evacuated while they fear for their homes and farms, workshops and barns, tools and equipment.

Since both my son and Doc are volunteer Fireman, a town apart, they have been in and out with tankers, airpacks and equipment.  Sean is also a paramedic, and just came off 36 hours straight watching over firefighters and wildlife officers fighting heatstroke and injuries.  To add to the mess, we are in the midst of an unseasonable heat wave, unrelated to the fire but stoking it, 98 today and 100 tomorrow with a heat index of 105. Right now he’s at his firehouse, helping the Red Cross to feed those evacuated and bed them down until those displaced and their pets can return safely.

I can only imagine what it must feel like to be in that kind of temperature and trying to fight a fire.  No, on second thought, I really can’t.  I’m just grateful for volunteers like these, men and women, protecting my home and others.  Send a bit o’prayer to my end of the nation, please, for all of those involved.