Auntie M has been strangely silent this week, and it has nothing to do with a lack of words from her decidedly big mouth.

No, the culprit is the wildfire, still growing, and coming the other night within 1/2 of her home when a lightning strike hit dry pine trees.  That was a hairy evening, Doc out until almost midnight helping to get it under control…the main fire still burns, only 40% controlled, peat under the ground smoldering and spreading it.  40,000 acres burned, bear and deer everywhere wandering into people’s yards as they run from their habitat.

The smoke has other consequences, too: its haze has spread as far away as three hours toward Raleigh, when the wind shifted.  Our local hospital had to evacuate its vent unit patients past the smoke line.  And the same smoke has kept our internet satellite from functioning well.  I am hoping to get this out today as the wind is away from the house and it looks clear–for the moment.

I hate to leave Doc and the dogs to this, but Auntie M confesses to feeling VERY grateful she is leaving next week for her writers workshop in Colorado, and the idea of fresh, cool air is very enticing.

So if i’m out of touch again, it’s due to smoke, and after 6/21, due to Colorado~