i love watching golf on television.  From the comfort of my sofa, surrounded by my iced tea and snacks, I can prop up my feet and get my exercise watching Tiger vs everyone else.  On TV you get the high spots and miss most of the trudging from hole to hole. At home you get to leave to use the loo, instead of looking for a discreet bush. At home there is no need for: bug spray or sunblock, hours of standing around in the hot sun brushing pesky insects away , or resisting stepping on the toe of the man behind you breathing his onion breath down your neck.

no, watching at home is the height of civiiization.  The little ball with a life of it’s own captures my attention and I delight in watching how the wind catches it and throw is into a sand trap, or how the slope of the green can turn an eagle into a bogie.

I played golf, long ago, or at least tried to, even taking lessons.  I loved bits of it, those bits being the cute short skirts and the neat specatator tasseled shoes.  I even had lessons, although the instructor got frustrated with me becasue I’m a lefty, and although I did everything he told me lefty, it was clear my hands really wanted to do it righty.  Tried that, too…I only tried it because my husband was playing and I’d thought it would be something we could do together.  In the end, we drove there together, i read in the car and listened to music, he played and we ate dinner together afterward.

i still prefer to watch it at home…

On another note; I’m shocked I can even get this out there, the smoke Gods must be smiling on me as i’m leaving for Colorado and our Screw iowa Workshop.  our website is live, so instead of reading me over the next weeks I’m away, check out: http://www.screwiowa.com.  Learn how we five women did that a suspportive community is the best way to accomplish just about anything, but especially writing!

Happy Summer Days to all until I see my Grands; will be back by July 6th!