Auntie M really admires writers who take risks, especially when they turn out well.  Susan Hill is one who comes to mind, but this week I’ve finished John Harvey’s newest, Cold in Hand, a great read that had me turning pages, thinking: “This can’t be happening!”

Det. Charlie Resnick is a jazz-loving, sad kind of guy who tries to keep the thread of his  heritage alive while reveling in his relationship with another detective.  If you’ve read Harvey’s series, you’ve seen this relationship grow and develop just when Charlie thought love would never find him again.

Which is why this novel is so startling.  And well-plotted.  And very human.  It’s a great read and Charlie always comes across as someone real and recognizable.  I like that in a book, when the characters feel real, less artificial.  This one had me turning pages way after Doc fell into his drugged two hour sleep each evening.

And Harvey has Charlie impart things I never knew about the jazz world, so I’m constantly learning, too.  Give him a try.