Tom Hanks has that boy-next-door quality I find so appealing.  I think he’s actually gotten nicer looking as he’s aged.

He’s not classically handsome, but there’s something about him in goofy roles or serious ones that has always struck me.  I like his diversity, that his wife has a career, too, and that they produce some things together.  It looks like a nice marriage from the outside looking in.

So it was a happy note I read in People last week, when some stars were asked about their Kindle machines:

Here is what good ol’ Tom had to say:

“I got a Kindle for newspapers and magazines, not for books.  Quite frankly, I prefer to buy books from my neighborhood bookstore.”

See, I knew I liked him!

(PS For those of you wanting to know: Doc is weight-bearing and today hobbled 300 ft in therapy!)