One of Auntie M’s favorite spring things is the birds that live here.  I enjoy watching birds in nature, although I would never want one in a cage in my house, but love to see them flying and feeding their babies.  I filled the hummingbird feeders two days ago and saw they were already empty today.

Right now we have blue birds nesting along with the chatty purple martins in their apartment houses, pilated woodpeckers with their unusual crest pecking away at a high pine tree, and jaunty red-winged blackbirds eating out of our feeder.   The cardinals are here and there, and the quail, too.

But the ducks, Fred and Ethel, ,who live on our pond and frequent our walkway along the river are the bane of our Spinone Radar’s existence.   A true bird hound, he lives to point and skulk up to them, then burst upon them, scaring them into the river.  He will dart into the river and swim them far away from our dock.  NO duck poop allowed here, says the balloon over his head.

On occasion a second male we call Desi will join them, the trio waddling along the concrete cap on our bulkheading, Fred squawking whenever Desi gets too close to Ethel.   This was the original menage a  trois.

Today Radar was slumbering peacefully on our porch when the high alert came on.  I was folding wash and watching him as he picked up his head, his large nose and flews going in and out as the duck scent reached him.  He wheeled his head around and stood at attention, which quickly became a point.  But today he, well, he moaned. Which quickly became a low hound howl.

I went onto the porch to see the cause of his distress.  There in all her glory was Ethel, proudly waddling along the bulkheading with Fred, along with–not just Desi, but three MORE new males, all lined up and following her placidly.  She honked repeatedly, cussing them out she looked over her shoulder and their line faltered.

How she attracted these males–all widowers?– is a mystery.  Of course, Radar slunk down the stairs and interrupted their promenade, sending all six ducks into the river, and followed that up by swimming them down to a neighbor’s dock.  Where she is probably sunning herself now, surrounded by the glory of all of that male attention.

Guess I’ll have to come up with three more male names.