When Annie Lennox wrote ( and sang) that song, she knew that love was at the heart of what drive us as humans.


A recent article in “Real Simple” magazine had answers for their monthly question: “What is the best thing money can’t buy?”

Here are some of the answers from across the nation:

“A husband who truly listens.”

“When my teen son walked across a room just to give me a loving hug.”

“An unexpected apology from an old friend.”

“The unconditional love of our dogs.”


“Being born to parents who really loved their children”

The winner was Jennifer Lewis Meyer: “The kind of gut-busting, tears-streaming-down-your-face, bordering-on-hysteria laughter that still makes you giggle when you think of it days later.


Auntie M could identify with Meyer.  I’m getting ready to leave for Utah next week for my yearly meeting with the four other women who keep me writing and keep me sane, the Screw Iowa Writers Group.  I expect there will be long discussions about the nature of our book and our website, hours of editing and advising each other on our manuscripts, great food, a bit of wine, and most importantly, that kind of stress-releasing laughter. That’s us on the back left of the desk in the photo below.


When you read this, I will be in Utah that these women whose friendship I savor and depend on.

The article made me think of those special moments that we capture in our hearts: the days our children were born, proposals, loving moments from partner, etc.  We would all rate those high.  And the love of a good pet, too!  And then there are the unexpected moments that catch us off guard, but that we treasure and revisit in our memories, like snapshots.

Here’s one of mine:  Auntie M’s granddaughter, Rachel Elizabeth, at 6 years old, getting ready to go upstairs to bed at our house after a wonderful Christmas.  She stopped at the bottom of the stairs with her dad, turned her beaming smile on me and pronounced, “Nana, you’re the BEST!”

OK readers:  We know who you love, but what’s one outstanding memory money couldn’t buy?