Terrorists can take many forms, but we don’t often think of them being our neighbors.

In the idyllic neighborhood Paul and Sara Calloway have just moved into, the last thing they worry about is their neighbors.  Until one night when the police come knocking at the door and cart Paul away, under arrest for sexual exploitation of a minor–the minor in question being their neighbor’s daughter.


And this is just the first chapter of the stylish novel Safer by Sean Doolittle.

Doolittle’s  three earlier novels have all received critical success with The Cleanup winning the Barry Award.  This time the twists and turns keep coming in this suspenseful outing as Paul seeks to clear his name, a process that means solving an almost forgotten crime from years ago.  Along the way, Doolittle does a lot with his material, giving us quirky characters and making us adore Paul’s sense of black  humor.

I haven’t read Doolittle’s earlier novels, but I just may have to look for them.