Make sure you empty your bladder before diving into Janet Evanovich’s latest Stephanie Plum read, Finger Lickin’ Good.

Set in Trenton, New Jersey, Evanovcich gets the neighborhood of the Burg just right as she concocts the most ridiculous plot twists and situations to drop Stephanie in.

Evanovich is the one writer whose ridiculous images make me laugh out loud.  From Stephanie’s ex-‘ho friend Lula to her Grandma Mazur, from the hunky cop Morelli to the dangerously sexy Rangeman, I guarantee you I will be laughing with tears rolling down your face at least once a book, if not more, at the image she conjurs up.  This time the one that got to me was chubby Lula, squeezed into yellow spandex and a black flak jacket, getting stuck out the window of a borrowed Porsche.  Her V-neck sweater pulls down, the huge chocolate boobs float out–you get the picture!

Fifteen‘s premise has bounty hunter Plum earning extra money helping Rangeman at his security firm by figuring out how his sophisticated alarm system is being usurped, causing a string of thefts that may sink his business.  But that’s just the subplot.

The main plot has Lula witness the bizarre murder of a barbeque sauce king, and as the murderers come after her, she enlists Stephanie to help her track them down for the cash reward before they get to her.  This involves entering a BBQ sauce cookoff with Grandma, although none of this trio can cook.  And Stephanie still has to do her bounty job, one she clearly is atrocious at does not excel at.

Evanovich is a master of eccentric characters, putting them in all-too-believeable situations, surrounded by relatives who remind you of those you want to forget.

Who cares?  This quick read is perfect for the summer, a light fun book I call brain candy.