Doc is down.  He started having terrific pain this weekend with his knee.  When we went to PT Monday he it was decided he has tendonitis in the knee, so he’s off PT for a week, on steriods and back in bed the knee with it iced.  Ugh.  To say he’s pissed frustrated would be a gross understatement.

We live nine miles off the main highway, in a very rural area, as some of you know. The car ride home yesterday was pretty quiet.  Suddenly in front of us on the road, blocking our path, we saw THIS:



Now there was only one house on this part of the road, but I don’t know the owner.  As I got out of my truck, I noted the closed front door and lack of a car in the driveway.  There was, however, a radio on in the garage, so I headed up the driveway.

And so did the livestock.  They trailed behind me like I was the Pied Piper.  I stopped midway and the calf nuzzled my hand.  They were all just so darn cute!

Of course, the garage was empty, radio or not.  BUT behind the garage I saw the edge of a pen.  I beckoned the animals, calling out “Come on Cow, follow me little goats, this way piggies.”  I look back at Doc and he was hysterical with laughter, sitting in the front seat watching the spectacle.  They followed me willingly.

The animals let me re-pen them and secure the gate.  I got back in the car and Doc was still laughing.  It did my heart good and lightened his mood for the rest of the day.  “You did your good deed for the day,” he said.

I sure hope I brought those animals to the right house~