I have a special affinity for Anne Perry, as she was my first interview published years ago in “Mystery Review” magazine.  At that time, Perry was gaining fame for her Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels, set in Victorian England.  The first in that series, “The Cater Street Hangman,” was subsequently filmed by the BBC and shown on our PBS Mystery series.
Perry has branched out over the years, adding a set of WWI novels, six holiday novels, and a second Victorian series featuring detective William Monk and his nurse wife, Hester.

EXECUTION DOCK is the newest in the Monk series, and continues to live up to Perry’s reputation for exhaustive period research.  This time readers find themselves on the bustling docks along the River Thames, where the empire’s merchant ships unload the treasures of the world.  The sights, sounds and scents of the dark alleyways and busy dockside comes alive for us as Monk plunges into the seamy underworld where sex merchants take advantage of homeless young boys.
When a thirteen-year old sex slave is found with his throat cut, his tortured body tossed in the river, Monk attempts to bring the kingpin of this dark world to justice, despite the man’s wealthy clientele.

Readers may find Perry’s lavish descriptions overdone, but her plots are twisted intrigues, filled with the realities of the social era and manners of that age.  Great reading for anyone who enjoys historical novels.