Hello to all of you out there who decided Auntie M had fallen off the face of the earth.

You may remember the Incident of the Dog, wherein a huge chocolate lab destroyed Doc’s knee.  Three surgeries, 14 months of Physical Therapy, and one artificial knee, and Doc is back limping around without benefit of canes or walkers.

My role as Nancy Nurse is pretty much over; the cap goes back up on the shelf, and the hospital bed may leave our bedroom shortly, although the over-bed trapeze gets to stay for the rest of the year.

I would like to say that it was just taking care of Doc that explains away my months of absentia, but I have to cough up the truth: I’ve been working with an incredible book designer, doing rewrites on my novel, choosing and refining a cover, reading and editing and re-reading for typo’s, all so that the files can be sent to the printer THIS COMING WEEK.

I am assured that before the end of the month, I’ll be able to hold my novel in my hot little hand.

THE BLUE VIRGIN will be published through Bridle Path Press by April 1st.  It’s the first of a series I’m writing with protagonist Nora Tierney, an American writer who lives in Oxford and is getting ready to move to the Lake District to live with her children’s book illustrator and his sister until her unplanned baby is born.  Because the baby’s father was dead before Nora knew she was pregnant, she is grateful for the support. Before she can move out, though, her best friend Val Rogan calls for Nora’s urgent help.  Val’s partner, Bryn Wallace, has been found murdered, and Val is the prime suspect.  Nora will swing into action, determined to clear her friend, while illustrator Simon Ramsey tries to keep her safe.

Auntie M is psyched, to say the least, to finally have a book-length project in print.  I’ll keep you posted as time goes by on how the process is going. I’ve learned a ton about publishing, working with a copyeditor, what a cyanotype is and why spine width is essential to get correct, getting an ISBN number and a ton of other things that are new to me.

So hang in there and take this ride with me!