Head on over to Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet!


This group of delightful ladies has been blogging for TWO years on ways to bring eco-friendly goods and routines to your family, home and pets. There are blogs for babies, blogs about things to watch out for, blogs about stuff that’s good for you and bad for you and so much more.

For instance, today’s blog was by Enviro Girl, on how she has managed to take the harsh chemicals out of her household by substituting safer products, giving her a “Green and Clean” home.  She doesn’t hesitate to name products and tells why she likes them! The Eco Women are not employed by any of the companies they mention,nor are they compensated in any way. They are the first line of defense for you as they try products in their own homes on their own families.  It’s a great resource to check out. (http://ecowomen.net)

This is the Eco Women’s two year Blogiversary, and they are giving away prizes all this week just for reading and commenting. Check them out every day this week. All giveaways are open until 8PM EST on Friday, March 12th. Winners will be randomly selected and notified that weekend.

I’ll be blogging as Eco Lassie this Friday on new Eco Friendly toys and treats for your pets. Go ahead and check us out!