Melissa told me I’d enjoy this book, and boy, did I ever!

Set in the immediate Post WWII era of 1946, we are introduced through a series of letters to writer Juliet Ashton, searching for the subject for her next book.  The epistolary form works well here, as the letters fly between Juliet, her publisher and friends, and the people she comes to know and adore on the British Island of Guernsey.

The book club title was a spur-of-the-moment idea to protect the inhabitants during the Nazi occupation.  As unimaginable as the war has been to Juliet, she realizes she has not faced the challenges of a forced enemy occupation and its resultant hardships to her new friends. Their love of literature, and hers, forms the bond that will transform her life.

Juliet eventually travels to Guernsey, where she is captivated by the people and their differing stories and personalities.  This was a charming story, with quiet heroes and silent heroines. And yes, Juliet does find her next book on Guernsey.