John Sandford has added to his prolific novel list with the second Virgil Flowers novel.

Author of 19 “Prey” novels featuring Bureau of Criminal Apprehension head Lucas Davenport, Sandford has added the unlikely investigator Flowers to his BCA staff.

Virgil is good-looking, a devoted fisherman who likes to drag his boat to crime scenes, and chooses between his favorite rock group tee shirts as his uniform of the day.

In Rough Country, a fishing tournament he’s in is interrupted when the body of a young advertising executive is found floating in a nearby lake. Shot while kayaking, the victim was staying at a women-only resort on the lake.

This opens Virgil’s field of suspects wide: could the murderer be any one of several at the resort who had taken against the victim? Or someone from her business? Or someone from a woman’s band she has offered to promote?

The bodies pile up as Virgil investigates with Sandford’s usual instinct for plotting keeping you glued to the pages.

Sandford just keeps getting better and better.