Auntie M told you a few days ago that she was doing two readings/signings of her new book, The Blue Virgin, one in NYC and one on Long Island, along with Lauren Small and Nina Romano from the Screw Iowa book. After a presentation on the world of publishing and the rise of independent and self publishing, we each read from our works. Nina read from her two poetry books, Cooking Lessons and her newly published Coffeehouse Meditations. Lauren read from her historical novel, Choke Creek.

It was an interesting experience all around, in the company of good friends, and surrounded by others. In Manhattan we met a group from the IWWG, the International Women’s Writers Group, at the META Center, where we all had to take our shoes off! That audience was attentive, but most writers are struggling, so the sales were almost nonexistent. We appreciated the chance to tell our story and get the reading experience.

It was a different story on Long Island, where I used to live. My good friend Laura Hamilton organized an evening at her lovely log cabin home in Miller Place. A group of about 15 gathered for good food and drinks, and we were asked to read. Since the majority of these friends would be at our presentation the next day, we chose different sections to read from our books. The reading experience is always good, and we were well-received. It was lovely to be feted that way. Laura said she felt as though she had a literary salon on her house that night!

The Port Jefferson Library presentation was so well attended that the head librarian said we were welcome to come back any time! His Sunday programs usually garner an audience of 15 or so; we drew a crowd of over 40! Our presentation was again well-received, with astute questions afterwards that made it interesting for us. Our readings went well, also. But the best part for me was sitting at a table and having people lined up to have me sign their copy of my book~I said it would be priceless, and it was. Nina and Lauren sold books, I sold a bunch, and it was a great day to be an author with a book in print.

Anyone wishing to see their work in print, who has been through the traditional route without success, please consider self publishing or using an independent press such as Bridle Path Press. Check the link to read more about the community being developed by this unique press, whose mission statements includes: “This press will make NO money.”

Now there’s an intriguing thought for you!