Mary Higgins Clark has her formula down pat.  There’s no question that the protagonist will survive to find happiness, it’s just a matter of with whom and what she has to go through to get there, and this book is no exception.

The Shadow of Your Smile is her29th suspense novel, excluding the five holiday novels she’s written with her daughter Carol. That doesn’t include her short story collections (three), a children’s book, an historical novel and a memoir.

In the interests of summer reading, this predictability turns out to be a good thing. This one goes down like an icy pina colada, quick and easy.   The plot revolves around a long-standing family secret that threatens the life of an heiress, who, in true MHC fashion,  doesn’t know she IS one.  Pediatrician Dr. Monica Farrell fills this bill nicely.

A greedy foundation, battling family members, and even the beatification of a saint all come into play. Really. Of course, there’s the little question of murder here and there, but it all gets sorted out at the end of the day.

I’ll have another pina colada, thank you.