Auntie M has been away doing readings/signings for The Blue Virgin (available at in case you haven’t read it yet!) But don’t think for one moment I’ve stopped reading.  Here’s a twofer for you:

Prolific Nora Roberts Bride Quartet was mentioned here once before when I reviewed the first book, Vision in White. The books revolve around the story of four childhood friends, Parker, Emma, Laurel and Mac, the founders of Vows, one of Connecticut’s most popular and successful wedding planning companies. In the first book, photographer Mac finds her true love.

Book 2 in the series continues the story of the ups and downs of running weddings, showers and rehearsal dinners for everyone from Bridezilla to The Perfect Couple in Bed of Roses. This time the focus is on Emma, the florist of the pack and the true romantic. She yearns for a lifelong love affair with her man, if such a thing is possible.

Emma loves her job. She creates stunning floral pieces for any theme a bride wants, and often guides them in their decisions. She also keeps the grounds in bloom with the help of staff, and many of the weddings Vows plan take place at the mansion for that reason. Thin and attractive, she never has to look far to find a date, yet she’s yet to find the “one” who fits her romantic ideal.
The “one” is easily recognized by on, the ending assured. This is not a mystery, but a fun romance. Go with it.
You can read this in one hazy afternoon sitting on the beach. Pure brain candy.
Book 3 in the series is Savor the Moment, another delectable piece of romantic candy. This time baker Lauren is up for the spotlight.

Being the baker at Vows means Laurel creates extravagantly luscious tiers of cakes and other confections to end the events on a high note.  But as much as she enjoys working her frustrations out in dough, Lauren is the total opposite of the romantic Emma. She longs for a strong, intelligent beau, and has had a crush on Parker’s older brother, Delaney Brown, since high school.
Up until now, Delaney has been the big brother to all of the women, a notion Laurel would love to change. Her quick temper pushes her to make a move that ignites a spark with Delaney she can’t forget.  Again, you know the ending here. It’s the trip to the end that ripples with romance and while there are no surprises, there is great satisfaction in someone else’s happy ending.
For those of you looking for a mega-dose of romance to cool your days, try one of these sparklers.  They’re quick reads, maybe sitting on a beach with your toes in the sand. Roberts Book 4 will premiere in November, when Parker gets her man. But trust me, if you read the others, you’ll already know who her Mr. Right will be.