Nicola Upson found a unique twist when she starred Golden Age writer Josephine Tey as the protagonist of her first novel, An Expert in Murder.

Her second follows Tey down to Cornwall in 1935 for a summer of writing, the guest of her friend’s, the Motley’s. Their cousin, DI Archie Penrose, has a complicated past with Josephine. He arrives just before her, to attend the funeral of a young estate worker who died in a tragic riding accident. Or was it an accident?

Upson hits the period details just right, as well as the restraint in the relationship between Josephine and Archie. And she uses the setting to show how estate owners and workers alike are tied to the land. Real places, including the outdoor Minack Theater, are used to great effect and add to the sense of place that Upson knows well.
Amidst tragedy, Josephine and Archie ferret out secrets that have been kept by families for years. This  one has satisfying plot twists and turns, a cast of memorable characters, and is guaranteed to be devoured quickly for your reading pleasure.