Can Auntie M just intrude into your day a bit to congratulate THE KING’S SPEECH for getting TWELVE Oscar nods today?!?!

Anyone who knows Auntie M well, knows that she is a total Colin Firth slut fan. And this movie was one of the best, if not THE best, that I’ve seen all year.






Geoffrey Rush was perfect as the speech therapist Logue, and even Helena Bonham Carter toned herself down to play the Queen Mother, growing more around the middle as the years advanced.

There is humor here, too, and Firth noted in an interview that balancing the bits of humor with the drama of the new King’s stammer were the most difficult balance to make. He credits his sister, a speech therapist, with some of the exercises shown to open him up.

Auntie M has adored CF in all of his guises, whether he’s played Mr. Darcy, Nanny McPhee’s harried widower, or singing  in Mamma Mia! And at the Golden Globes, where he’s already won for Best Actor in a Drama, he looked so in love with his gorgeous wife. No, I’m not jealous at all–well, maybe just a teensy bit.

Fingers crossed that the American’s voting at Oscar time see his tremendous talent, not-to-mention his downright sex appeal, and award him the Best Actor Oscar he deserves.