Here’s a family story with a great twist: Depression Cookies is written by a real mother and daughter team.

Tia Silverthorne Bach and Angela Beach Silverthorne have co-authored a lovely coming of age story, with Angela writing the voice of the family’s mother, Abby, and Tia writing her teenage daughter, Krista.

It’s a story many families face: a mother of three trying to juggle three children amidst her husband’s corporate ladder climb, frequent absences and the need to pack up and move her entire family all too often. Amidst the juggling, Abby’s own needs and ambitions have been ignored. She feels taken for granted and that is often true.

At the other end of the spectrum, Krista is facing her own issues: teenage acne and hormones, health problems in herself and the family, and the need to find herself, all complicated by her father’s job and their frequent moves. Then throw in the very real problem of finding and maintaining friendships when there are frequent moves.

The love these family members feel for each other is evident, but so are their very real problems. Having many episodes shown from two points of view reminds us that life is often seen from where we stand, and that the perspective of the situation varies from person to person.

There’s humor, pathos, and the  powerful strength of women as the energy of the female spirit is celebrated.

Angela and Tia will be interviewed by The Lifetime Channel for their show Balancing Act, and will be featured in the Authors’ Corner segment. Check local listings to meet these vibrant and interesting women and learn what inspired them to write Depression Cookies.