Author Marilyn Meredith is doing an exhausting blog tour for her new mystery, No Bells. Welcome, Marilyn~



The Rocky Bluff P. D. mystery series is different than most in that it has an ensemble cast of characters. In each book, a different character or characters are spotlighted, though the other members of the RBPD make appearances. When I began this series, I was determined to show not only what the police officers did on the job, but what went on in their private lives.

As each book unfolded, one character became a favorite with my fans, Officer Gordon Butler, he of the pink cheeks and determination to be the best police officer ever, by upholding the law and protecting the citizens of the small beach community of Rocky Bluff. Gordon doesn’t have the best of luck in life, including romance. When No Bells begins with Gordon newly infatuated, but a big problem arises almost immediately. His new love is the prime suspect in a murder case.


First Review of No Bells:

Fans of F. M. Meredith’s long-running Rocky Bluff Police Department mysteries will be happy to learn the newest book may be the best yet. In No Bells, Gordon Butler gets his first leading role in this clever ensemble series. Butler is like Joe Btfsplk, the cartoon character in Al Capp’s Li’l Abner, a poor sap for whom things never quite work out. Meredith’s plot – her best yet – is a perfect fit for the character.


Without giving away too much, he wins but he loses. It’s a very satisfying read, and the meaning of the title is not revealed until the end. No Bells is a tightly woven story. Just when you think you know “whodunit,” something happens to change your mind. Then you go back to your first guess. Then a different hunch arises. As always, every member of the Rocky Bluff PD and their family members has a speaking part as their personal lives and police issues give us another glimpse of a town we love to visit. 


–Review by Michael Orenduff, author of The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier

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