Please welcome medical mystery writer JL Greger has taken time off from writing her series to give Auntie M’s readers some great advice on how to lose weight while dieting~

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Doubt me? Let’s look at six pieces of advice for writers and dieters.




1. Set realistic priorities. You are more apt to attain small achievable goals (such as losing a pound a week or writing ten pages per week) than larger goals with artificial deadlines (for example losing fifty pounds before your class reunion or writing a three hundred page novel by Christmas).




2. Don’t procrastinate. Start working on your goals today, by skipping dessert at supper and writing at least one page for your next novel tonight.




3. Control problems and distractions. For writers, the distractions on the Internet are comparable to high fat, sugary foods to dieters. Perhaps this advice to Linda Almquist in the first chapter of Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight will help you sort through your clutter.



“There are three types of problems. A few problems are like wine; those situations improve if you delay decisions and let them age. Most problems are like waste paper. You can ignore them because they don’t matter. Unfortunately like waste paper, they tend to be messy when they pile up. And some problems are like manure. You must identify them quickly before they stink.”


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4. Work at it every day. Most successful dieters have changed their lifestyle and eaten less and exercised more for months. If you want to write a novel a year, set aside time to “work on your book” every day.




5. Sweat the small stuff. Little bedtime snacks can undo our good behavior at meals or in the gym. Similarly grammar and spelling errors can ruin a novel with a great plot and characters.




6. Laugh at all those who give advice like this because you know it’s easier to give advice than follow it.




JL Greger traded in being a biology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to be a writer who puts tidbits of science into her medical mystery/suspense novels.




In Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight, the protagonist Linda Almquist struggles to lose weight, to fit into a new job where she’s not really wanted, and to help the police discover whether an ambitious young “diet doctor” or a couple of old-timers with buried secrets have the most to gain from the deaths of two women in a medical school. She has to work fast or she may be the next victim.




In Coming Flu, epidemiologist Sara Almquist, Linda’s sister, is trying to stop two killers:  the Philippine flu, which is rapidly wiping out everyone in a walled community in New Mexico, and a drug kingpin determined to break out of the quarantined enclave. Sara (in the third novel in the series, which is due out in November 2013) finds the wrong people from her past follow her to Bolivia when she accepts a public health assignment while Linda stays in Albuquerque and deals with more shenanigans in the medical school.   




The Kindle versions of both medical mysteries are on SALE on Amazon for $2.99 in September.


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