Auntie M is excited. She’s navigating the rocky road to get her newest release, DEATH UNSCRIPTED into print. It’s the first of a new series set in Manhattan featuring nurse Trudy Genova. The cover is in progress and copyedits are done. There are no many steps to a new release, which for Auntie M, should find this book in print June 1st.

Here’s another author’s view of getting a book into print. Please welcome west coast author Patricia Gulley, talking about her newest project, based on her own work history–and let her know how YOU think she should have spelled pedalpusher:
BB cover 5 front

Brownstone Burial is a paranormal mystery that takes place in 1963, with my protagonist, Paulette Palinsky (note the PP initials that all my protags have) arriving in New York City after attending Airline school.

NO, not to be a stewardess, but to learn how to make reservations and work in a res office. At 27 years old, she is older than I was when I went off to NYC to work for Eastern Airlines, and she paid to go to school, which she and I both discovered wasn’t necessary.

We both fell in love with Brownstones, but needless to say, mine didn’t have any ghosts. We both worked in large bays, which sat over 100 agents during the day, and rotated shifts every hour on the hour 0600 to 2400. Knowing the twenty-four hour clock and memorizing hundreds of codes for cities, airports, airlines, fares, status and class of service was mandatory.

This was my first attempt at self-publishing and I so wanted to learn to format. That didn’t happen, or I may have a lot of info in my brain, but not enough to give me the confidence to do it myself. I need visual, not written instructions. So, I hired a formatter and started last September, thinking it would all be done and ready for pre-Thanksgiving sales.

NOT! After editing with two readers, and my formatter going over it, and then putting it up for edits on the main platform, and more edits, and catching odd little problems, and approving the art, front cover and whole book cover, and getting blurbs, it was finally ready. But then I had to go to Left Coast Crime and my formatter had his own conference to attend and teach at, so we made March 31, 2015 our publication date.

AND, it went up with the controversy over peddlepusher, peddle pusher, pedal pusher unresolved. But that’s another story…

Patricia Gulley is a retired travel agent from a world travel company, and did time at two airlines as a res and fares agent. Born in Pennsylvania, she escaped to New York, then headed to Oregon, where she lives in a floating home on the Columbia River. She is a member of Sisters In Crime National. Her favorite vacation is cruising.