Welcome Bonnie Toews, a retired journalist and veteran’s advocate, who will describe the impetus for her upcoming trilogy and its first installment, The Consummate Traitor.

Copnsummate cover


Do you ever wonder how novelists come up with the stories they write?

Sometimes a plot pops to mind and writers develop characters to make the plot work.

Most of the time, however, writers will tell you that a character just bounds to life in their imaginations, and often that character comes with a name he or she refuses to relinquish. In getting to know this imaginary person, writers explore his or her upbringing – experiences, interests, beliefs, dreams and biggest fears. Within the life of the character a plot evolves around the people he or she has met and the reason for the choices made within these relationships.

No story can sustain suspense unless the main characters face and overcome their deepest fears. Fear drives their motivation to act the way they do, and their actions, along with the consequences of their actions, set up the story line.

I enjoy intrigue and solving puzzles, so my first novel grew out my anger at what I considered the sheer stupidity of the death of a British woman agent in WWII. I found her in a biography of Winston Churchill’s master spy, INTREPID, and how he developed London’s civilian spy agency called SOE (Special Operations Executive) in 1940. SOE’s agents were dropped into Nazi-occupied countries to help train and support Resistance movements.

This agent’s code name was Trudi, and she was related to King George VI. What if she lived? What would her story be?

In imagining all the possibilities, a “mirror” character evolved – a sister-in-spirit. The result: THE CONSUMMATE TRAITOR featuring Lady Grace Radcliffe, a concert pianist and second cousin to England’s King George VI, and Lee Talbot, an American war correspondent. What happens to these two women reveals a secret England has never wanted exposed.

A retired journalist, Bonnie Toews is a veterans’ advocate, who uses fiction to bring attention to conditions she has found at the “crossroads of humanity.” In novels of wartime intrigue and suspense, she expands on true events to reveal the political betrayal of our military veterans.

The first novel in her “Trilogy of Treason” – THE CONSUMMATE TRAITOR – is available at amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Consummate-Traitor-Bonnie-Toews/dp/1461015383) and on her web site (https://www.amazon.com/Consummate-Traitor-Trilogy-Treason-Book-ebook/dp/B016C9E3IW?ie=UTF8&keywords=the%20consummate%20traitor&qid=1464884395&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1)