Belfast McGrath is getting over a rough time, personally and professionally. What’s a fired chef to do but head home to her Irish-American family in Foster’s Landing. Their large manor house is a professional events location, famed for weddings, and before Bel knows it, she’s the maid of honor at her cousin Caleigh’s wedding.

The fact that she’s getting over her own broken engagement notwithstanding, things are far more complicated when Bel learns that Caleigh had a one-night stand two nights before her ceremony. And they zoom out of proportion when said lover falls from a balcony during the reception, landing right in front of Bel.

Great. Now she’s not only a witness to what she consider a murder, the lead detective turns out to be her old high school sweetheart, Kevin Hanson.

Bel knows her own past mistakes still haunt her, and to add to the complications, her parents start acting strange and she’s asked to take on their catering kitchen when the head chef quits in a snit. Not what a one-star Michelin chef had in mind. But family means helping out, and while she’s whipping their kitchen into shape, Bel tries to figure out what all the secrets are that everyone’s keeping–and what that has to do with a killer who suddenly sets his sights on Bel.

This is a delightful romp, filled with humor and hints of romance, the first in a series featuring Bel and her extended family. Auntie M is a huge fan of the Maeve Conlon suspense novels Maggies writes as Maggie Barbieri. This series will be a bit lighter and hits more on the cozy side of things, perfect for summer reading. McConnon’s own Irish family and their stories inform her knowledge, but the humor is all her own.