A friend recently said she had just read my book, Murder at the University and remarked, “Why Universities are just like businesses. They have the same good guys and villains!”

It had never occurred to me that some people thought universities were a heavenly never, never land! When a university women’s book group reviewed my book all twelve said they knew who the villain was – and each had pinpointed a different person in a different department. So it seems members of a university have no problem envisioning their coworkers capable of murder!

In Murder at the University, when John Paul Davis, a wealthy, computer alumni, returns to his alma mater, he becomes involved in solving a murder to protect a lovely young post-doc suspect, Rachael Howard.

Davis finds himself in a dilemma. Who killed Professor Dewit and wife…another professor or a professor’s wife, perhaps a student or maybe even Rachael Howard? Davis calls for help from three people: Richard Moore, his old mentor; Bagley, an overweight policeman; and Davis’s boarding house owner, the intriguing Chloe Manning. Ultimately, Davis has to solve the murder in order to save his own life.

I wish I could say I outlined the book, planned all the chapters and did all the things a writer is supposed to do. Unfortunately I have a tendency to just tell tale tales, my grandmother called them lies, my mother called them an active imagination! My husband has Alzheimer’s and is handling it beautifully but the thought of losing him is ever present. To me writing is an escape. 50% of everything I write goes to the Alzheimer’s foundation.

C. B. Murray grew up in Iowa, graduated from Smith College, did graduate work at the University of Michigan and performed research work in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where she met her husband. After the birth of two daughters, she moved to Delaware where her husband taught physics at the University of Delaware and Murray wrote the Noir Series of mysteries: Murder at the University was the first murder book written, but was never published, until now. Others include The Chinese Treasure, A Pox on You, and VX: A Deadly Mist. She has three books in the Magic Series: A Bite of Magic, A Second Helping of Magic and Matrimonial Magic With Mayonnaise. Dangerous Journey, her first children’s book, won first place in the young adult fiction section from the National Federation of Press Woman. Murray has published non-fiction in Delaware Today magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Visit the website for book reviews and comments.
50 % of all profits go to the Alzheimer’s Fund