Swedish screenwriter Arnhem’d debut crime fiction, Victim Without a Face, is the ultimate revenge novel, filled with taut tension the escalates as the action rises.

Detective Fabian Risk and his wife are trying to jumpstart their crumbling marriage. Determined to begin over, he moves the family with their two children from Stockholm and the mess he leaves behind there to his home town area of Helsingborg. The very day they arrive at their new empty house, before the moving van even arrives, he receives a visit from his new boss, Astrid Tuvesson.

She’s interrupted his vacation to settle in because a photo has been found on a murder victim’s body, and Fabian is in it.

The high school photo of his class becomes a key piece of evidence when members of the class start showing up as murder victims. Making it even more difficult is that the method used to kill them differs in each person, a major clue in itself.

When a key piece of evidence is found in Denmark, the Danes obstruct the Swedes ability to examine it, starting a battle which will bring Fabian to Denmark with long-range fallout.

And just when he’s certain he’s figured out who the murderer is, things swiftly change and he’s forced to reconsider, bringing himself and his family into the crosshairs.

An accomplished and visual debut, with a protagonist readers will want to follow.