Perfect Prey is Laura Salters second crime novel, after her debut Run Away.

Carina Corbett and Erin Baxter, both interns for a magazine, find themselves in Belgrade for the wild JUMP festival of music and fashion, a magnet for celebrities. From similar struggling backgrounds, the two friends spend their days touring under the guidance of the organizer of the press trip, Tim Halsey and become inseparable.

One wild Danube river trip finds them stranded in a rain storm, and their group takes shelter at the home of Tim’s friends, Broko and the extremely handsome Andrijo. That night at the JUMP festival, music so loud they can barely hear themselves think and fueled up with alcohol, the unthinkable happens: Erin goes to use the restroom and doesn’t return.

It’s an anguishing 24 hours before Belgrade’s police is willing to list her as missing, a day in which Carina’s anxiety disorder reaches new heights as she imagines all the different awful things that could have happened to Erin. When she is finally forced to return to England after several rounds of interviews with the police, dredging up anything she can tell them of Erin’s last days in Croatia, she’s drained.

But Carina is tenacious. She can’t let thoughts of Erin go, and starts her own investigation. She also agrees to accompany Erin’s mother back to Croatia several weeks later–and that’s when the multiple pieces she’s collected start to fall together.

Erin will be forced to tamp down her anxiety and the waves of inaction it gives her if she’s to come out of this alive, when the interesting and twisted plot comes together at the end.