Miner’s third crime novel featuring Inspector Martin Servaz, Don’t Turn Out the Lights, finds the detective on sick leave at a home for ill policeman, suffering from depression, with good reason. And it’s Christmas season, which adds to it.

Radio presenter Christine Steinmeier seems to have it all. The Toulouse personality has her great job, her own flat and dog, and a fiancé she’s bringing home to meet her parents.

Just as Servaz receives a hotel key in the mail at the nursing home, Christine received a horrible anonymous letter. The writer threatens suicide. It will change her life, when a caller to her show the next day berates her for not finding the writer. Quickly, her life begins to deteriorate as things she’s not responsible for leave devastating accusations that threaten her job, her dog, her fiancé and even her life.

As she tries to retain her sanity and fight her tormentor, Servaz find the hotel key is tied to a room where a different young woman committed suicide.

Finally finding a reason to begin his life again, Servaz starts a clandestine investigation, calling on favors and friends to find the twisted killer who may be the same individual stalking Christine. Or is it?

An absorbing thriller with several moves and twists Auntie M promises you won’t see coming in this dark and gritty tale of revenge and madness.