Just when you think you know what’s going on in Matt Marinovich’s thriller, The Winter Girl, you realize you really don’t–not by a long shot.

The isolation of the Hamptons in winter is the perfect backdrop for this tale of a young couple, Elise and Scott, staying in her father’s home as they wait for the old man to die of cancer.

Victor is not a nice person, Scott always thought, and readers will readily agree with him as more and more of his actions are revealed over the weeks and then months the couple spend catering to him. With his photography career stalled and Elise’s speech therapy clients all on hold, boredom sees them sneaking into the vacant house next door.

But is it really vacant? And what does all that blood signify? A twisted and twisting psychological tale that will have the hairs standing up on the back of your neck. And then some. Out in paperback on the 13th. Chill up someone’s stocking with this one!