Lawyer-turned-author Jon Rankin debuts a hard-boiled detective thriller whose cover screams ‘noir’ in Running From the Sunrise.

Lloyd is a most unusual killer who is having a ‘systems failure.’ The book opens with a gut-wrenching scene as Lloyd, spurred on by a Sears ad for a tricylce, seeks out a young child riding a similar bike.

In almost slow motion, Rankin gives out details of the setting, the unhurried pace adding to the rising tension as the reader knows that Lloyd is about to blow this child away. “A perverse respectfulness compelled the demon within to acknowledge at the very last possible moment that it was about to take a human life.”

Marty Randolph is the PI who awakens after a pub crawl to find he’s slept with beautiful blonde whose name escapes him at that moment.
The same eloquence that charmed Jewely into Marty’s bed is Rankin’s own as the book, and this relationship, progresses.

When the paths of these two disparate men cross during a background check, Marty will turn to Jewely as his sounding board, and find she makes a darn good partner and may just be the life of his live.

But can she handle the nature of his dangerous business when it hits close to home? Can Marty?

A startling debut that readers will hope is the beginning of a series featuring the enigmatic, earthy detective.