Please welcome guest Matthew Cost, to discuss his new mystery MAINELY POWER:

Power. Mainely Power. By Matt Cost

Not all technology advances society. This was the thought that first sparked my mystery novel, Mainely Power.

I began to ponder some inventions that proved this point, and of course, the thought of weapons came to mind. From the musket, to the Gatling gun, to tear gas, to bazookas, and to bombs, weapons have been used for destruction.

Eventually, my thoughts led me to the most lethal weapon ever devised. The nuclear bomb. The utter devastation and destruction that it wrought upon humanity and the earth. I pondered how these armaments are loaded upon missiles and rockets that are housed in silos pointed at our perceived enemies.

And then some genius decided to create power to be used for good out of this murderous science and the nuclear power plant was born. Built within the borders of the USA. With little to no security. I remembered a conversation with a fisherman who said one of his favorite spots to fish was just in front of Maine Yankee, a nuclear power plant in Wiscasset, Maine.

He said he could’ve waded ashore and wandered around. That there was nothing to stop him from entering a facility that housed the same technology that blew entire cities off the map in Japan.

This was the premise of Mainely Power. But who would want to sabotage a nuclear power plant? The obvious answer would be terrorists, perhaps working for some foreign government even. But, could it also be done in the name of the environment? Or for money? Or for political power?

It was this that made me realize that so much of the history of humankind has been for power. Wars, governments, businesses, and relationships are based upon power.

This then, is what my mystery novel is about. It is the place where rich landowners, wealthy businessmen, politicians, and environmentalists intersect. This area is the venue know as influence.

Who swings the biggest stick? Mainely Power. A melting pot of eminence.