Novels by Award-winning Author Marni Graff:

The Nora Tierney Mysteries:

Featuring American writer Nora Tierney. The Blue Virgin is set in Oxford and debuted the series in 2010. A mix of police procedural and cozy, DI Declan Barnes is frustrated by his attempts to find a killer when Nora pokes her nose into his investigation to clear her best friend of suspicion. BV won First Prize as Classic British Cozy from Chanticleer Media.

The Green Remains, (April 2012) is set in the Cumbrian Lake District town of Bowness-on-Windermere. Nora is living at Ramsey Lodge with her illustrator, Simon, and his sister, Kate while awaiting the birth of the child she will raise alone. Her first children’s book is due for publication, too. On a morning walk around Windermere’s shore, she stumbles on  drowned body–and realizes it’s someone she knows. This book also won First Prize from Chanticleer Media for Best Classic British Cozy.

The Scarlet Wench: follow Nora’s story as a theatre troupe descends on Ramsey Lodge in Cumbria to put on Noel Coward’s play Blithe Spirit. Mayhem and murder follow right on the premises, with Nora’s infant in jeopardy and DI Declan Barnes there on vacation, trying to further his relationship with Nora. All chapter epigrams are lines from Noel Coward’s farce, Blithe Spirit, and a copy of the book resides in his estate’s archives. Shortlisted from Chanticleer Media for Best Classic British Cozy.

The Golden Hour, set in Bath, England. Follow Nora’s next escapade with the majority of the action taking place in Bath, England, when a psychopath decides to unleash a horrific disease that directly impacts Nora’s family. A “Cantheystophim?” vs her usual “Whodunnit?” the book was also shortlisted from ChantiMedia for Best Classic British Cozy.

You can order the novels through Bridle Path Press or and any Amazon store in most countries; BV is also available as an eBook for other types of readers through; in NC, at River Walk Gallery in Washington.  All novels available on Kindle.> and on Audible books with narration by British actress Nano Nagle.

Rhe Trudy Genova ManhattanMysteries:

Death Unscripted:
Manhattan nurse Trudy Genova works as a medical consultant for a movie studio and solves crimes on the sets on soap operas. Trudy’s job mirrors Graff’s own favorite nursing position before retiring to write full time. This is the book P D James, mentor and friend to Graff, insisted she write. The book is dedicated to her and the Acknowledgements page describes its genesis in detail.Death Unscripted debuted September 2015. Shortlisted for the Mystery and Mayhem Award from ChantiMedia, DU was also a finalist for an IAN Award.

Death at the Dakota is the second in the Trudy Genova series. This time Trudy isworking on the made-for-TV movie filming at the historic Dakota building when the actress she’s assigned to watch over disappears.Then a cast member is murdered. At the same time, her new boyfriend, NYPD detective Ned O’Malley, struggles with a murder involving a corpse too disfigured to be identified. A mix of amateur sleuth and police procedural, the book was also shortlisted for the Mystery and Mayhem Award from ChantiMedia.