Please welcome Canadian author Deborah Mitton with her exciting new historical series launching today on Amazon Kindle:

Deborah Mitton - Ebook 1 - JPEG                                 Deborah Mitton’s debut, Ten For The Devil, is an Historical Suspense – Thriller.  Deborah Mitton - Ebook 2 - JPEG

The title for my novel comes from a 1600 century poem – “A Murder Of One “– author unknown.  If you have ever counted crows, you most likely know the poem.  My next WIP is titled “One For Sorrow”.

Chief Inspector Michael McLaughlin has believed that is nemesis was dead.

Seth Shaw is not dead and is in very city that Michael is visiting. Ten For The Devil is a labyrinthine murder ride from an idyllic English village to the industrious shipbuilding port of St. John, New Brunswick in the newly formed country of Canada.  As Michael closes on a collision course with a serial murderer the city is in flames.

Michael was an eleven-year old boy when he witnessed the murder of a girl and the lives of the families – friends, of both our murderer and witness are intertwined throughout generations from 1850 to modern day.

My first novel is a dark tale of obsession, revenge, murder, a love curse, reparation and survival.Many are murdered trying to help Michael reach adulthood.

Our young boy grows up to join Scotland Yard and is obsessed with bringing Seth Shaw to justice. There is a sense of paranormal forces at work protecting our villain.

The story’s climax will occur during the fire of June 20, 1877 – in the city of St. John, New Brunswick Canada (now spelled Saint John). The fire was second only in size and damages to the famous the Boston fire.

Deborah Mitton retired after working for 44 years to take up writing.  She’s been married to her high school sweetheart for 42 years.  They have three grown children and nine grandchildren. She’s an avid reader and loves a good mystery! Here’s Deborah in her own words:  “I have the urgent need to put down on paper the voices in my head. Once their story is told, they are kind and leave me alone until there is another story that must be told.”