Bloggers beware: Jeffrey Deaver has a wicked look and an imagination to match.

Anyone who has read one of his Lincoln Rhyme novels can attest to that–a protagonist who is a quadriplegic forensic scientist? An agent with the California Bureau of Investigation who is a kinesics expert?

In Roadside Crosses it’s CBI agent Kathryn Dance’s turn at bat.  The haunting beauty of the Monterey Peninsula becomes disrupted when a killer starts leaving roadside crosses complete with red roses and a disc with the date inscribed.  Only these aren’t memorials after a traffic accident; these are announcements of murders he’s about to commit.

Deaver is a master of twists and unexpected turns, and Dance’s personal life entwined in an interesting but not absurd way.  The world of bloggers and of online role-playing games becomes a focus, and I learned more about the ins and outs of both of these worlds in a mind-boggling plot that will leave you breathless.

Just when I thought I had it all figure dout, there was one more twist, and then one more.  And the end was NOT what I saw coming at all.

Heads Up: Deaver knows everything about you!