Auntie M has been reading a ton lately, mostly at night between doses of pain med to Doc, when he’s hurting and neither of us are sleeping.

Ellie Hatcher is Alafair Burke’s new homicide detective in the second of this Manhattan-based series.

Readers were introduced to Hatcher in Dead Connection, a midwesterner who has grown to love New York except for the killers and crime she finds there.  In Angel’s Tip, Hatcher has a new partner and a new killing spree to investigate.

With a suspect quickly in their sights, most New Yorkers start to relax, until Hatcher realizes the murders are far too reminiscent of a string of killings from a decade ago.  She does not make friends as she pushes to keep the investigation open.

These thrillers combine a fast pacing and enough quirks and twists to keep you reading to the last page.


On a different note, thanks to all who have sent good wishes and prayers to Doc, and to all of your for being so understanding that my time is limited right now.  He is healing very slowly, much to his chagrin, and in bed 23 1/2 hrs out of 24 most days.  Our MN son came in this week for a long weekend and has been doing tons of “Doc” chores around here.

Today Doc walked six steps on his good leg with the walker and that indeed progress.  He’s doing arm exercises in bed every few hours, too.  Pain is still a big issue but we think we’ve got him on a better regimen now.

Thanks for all the positive energy you’ve sent our way!