I have to admit I’m very fortunate.  Each day that’s nice enough, I can drag my laptop onto our screened porch and sit and watch river life whilst writing.  The weather is just starting to turn enough here that I can do that soon, the bulbs coming up and the trees budding.  Fred and Ethel, our pair of mallards, visit the dock and swim along the bulkheading.  If they’re seen by our dogs, Murray and Radar take off down the dock, barking their respective heads off, saying in doggie language: “SCRAM! This is our dock!”

While I try to look up frequently, my eyes are usually cast down to the computer screen.  Now that the manuscript for our Screw Iowa book is in good shape, I can get back to my own writing.  Right now that means revision, where P. D. James told me ‘the real writing gets done.’  I’m trying something new, changing to first person POV, and with that comes the challenge of my main character having to be present in every scene, or the action can’t happen.

And in between that revising, I’ll be working on my bits for our Screw Iowa website, finding pieces to revise to send out to other publications hoping to garner another publication credit, querying the editor at the magazine send articles to with my latest idea, and working on dividing our Screw Iowa concept into five coherent small ‘talks’ as we prepare to publicize our project with panel discussions.

And you thought a writer’s life was just sitting there having fun, right?