Auntie M and Doc don’t get trick-or-treaters.  Living at the end of a dusty dirt lane a mile off the state road does not inspire youngsters to trek here, so we haven’t had to buy candy since we’ve moved in.  Since our grands live in Minnesota, we see their costumes via snaps, until last year when we were actually there on the 31st, and made the rounds with them. (Suitably attired, I might add, in a green wig and pointy black hat for moi while Doc sported a scary monster mask.)  It was great fun.

So, the 31sts sort of comes and goes here, although we do have our pumpkin display outside, white one included, and on our table, the centerpiece includes oranges studded with cloves for a nice fall scent, in a basket with sunflowers, indian corn and cotton bolls from the local fields.  We celebrate the season anyway.

My friend Laura from LI and I send each other a “Boo” every year.  I have a large one done in orange glitter and a smaller one painted on a  wooden pumpkin.  This year’s was a cylinder of wheat, wrapped in twine, with a ceramic BOO hanging from it.  Doc has a white ghost that sings and moves around on the floor that amuses the dogs, as it waves it arms and sings “I want candy, lots of candy.”  See how we get our kicks?

I’ve enjoyed the various posts I’ve read of your costumes and  traditions.  Auntie M will be away all next week, back on Nov 11th.  She’s heading to the Big Apple with two of her Screw Iowa writing buddies to do a presentation on their book, meet with The Agent Who Knows All, have far too many meetings, and see some shows and some friends.  The laptop is not coming, as we are booked for the time I’ll be away and it wouldn’t get turned on, so I will miss your posts and catch up when I return.

In the meantime, I leave you with these lyrics from Cinderella, written by Mack David, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston (what an imagination!):




Now you know how to spell your favorite incantation.  And you though I was just another pretty face. . .