Anglophile that I am, Auntie M will be glued to the Ba-Ba Walters special tonight on the Royal Family.  It’s supposed to contain footage gleaned over several months showing how they live on a daily basis.  Don’t have a clue why I care; guess it’s because I lived there in another life, I swear.  And love their mysteries; and those crooked little streets and gorgeous buildings; and Dickens and Christie and Wilkie Collins and Shakespeare; the Lake District and canals; gardens and High tea and OXFORD–should I stop now?

On the home front, heading to the airport tomorrow to pick up one of the Screw Iowa gals.  We’re a writers workshop of five women who live across the country.  We met at the U of Iowa a few years ago in a novel class and bonded.  After maintaining email contact all year and trading bits and pieces of our novels for critiquing, we approached Iowa and asked for a course that would allow us to critique our entire novels, instead of the lowly 20-25 pages that are usual.  They said no.  We said, with great respect, “Screw Iowa, we’ll do it ourselves.”  And so we did, and continue to do so, meeting annually to critique each other’s entire novels, trading and supporting and communicating by email all year long.  It’s been so successful we’ve written a book about it.

Screw Iowa: A Twenty-First Century Writers Guide to Success is represented by Curtis Brown, Ltd.  Our book proposal and sample chapters are making the rounds to potential publishers.   And Miss L from Baltimore is arriving for 3 days of work to put the finishing touches on the complete manuscript.  One that five women have written together.  Now, I want you to picture that: five women agreeing on any one thing.  And then multiply that by about 200 pages and you can see how busy we’ve been this past year.  It’s a labor of love, intended to encourage writers out there everywhere to keep on writing.  Once it’s in print, copies will be available on our website, soon to be up and running.  Watch this spot for news at that launch.

And enjoy the Royals tonight!