Auntie M and her Silver Fox, not to be confused with Green Girl’s own Wisconsin Silver Fox, are headed out to the great Midwest to visit our Grands.  The four youths in question range in age from 9 to1 1/2 and provide us with an endless supply of hugs, giggles and laughs, not to mention stories to read on four different levels, and at this time of year, hockey games to see.  We will go to swimming lessons and gymnastics lessons, ride bikes and visit the park.  We will also get tons of sloppy baby kisses and keep the Chunkey Monkey toddler out of things he shouldn’t be in, like the freezer.  In short, a grandparents dream time.

Although I notice as they age that I need more time to recoup when I get back from these visits…one of us must be getting older…I wouldn’t trade these visits for anything.  The undying affection of your grandchildren is right up there with the unconditional love your pets give you.  They are always glad to see you, even if they do suspect there just may be a present hidden in your luggage.

Most of all, I love how they retrain me to look at things in wonder and awe, from a new and different perspective, or from an eye that is untarnished with cares of life.  These visits help me to connect with my inner child, stimulate my creativity, and remind me how children really talk when I’m writing dialog.  And at the end of the day, when they get cranky or irritable, hey,  their Mom or Dad steps in and I slip into the background.  Pure bliss.  And nothing smells as good as the back of baby’s neck, right up there with puppy breath~