TV at our house is a mixed bag, now that our favorites are returning.

Doc politely suffers through all the CSI’s and Criminal Minds in return for Number3 and Speed channel; we both enjoy Bones and NCIS.  I use those forensic shows for my mystery novels and they’ve given me some neat ideas when they’re in the realm of possibility.

There is no question HOUSE is the favorite at ours, although Hugh Laurie’s still out until next week.  A new addition to the loaded DVR schedule is Canterbury’s Law, ending this week already, but quite good with the emotional and tough Julia Margolies as an unusual defense lawyer with a jumbled personal life.  Did I mention Aiden Quinn plays her husband?

Doc’s Nascar on Sunday afternoon’s  is nicely balanced by my BBCAmerica and Masterpiece Theatre at night.  And of course, the occasional Ace of Cakes on the Food Network.

To see this all, it would seem we are glued to the TV, but mostly we watch the DVR’s stuff in bed,  relaxing in comfort after a hard day of other chores, and amidst other thoughts…but that’s another topic entirely~