so good to me, as the Mama’s and the Papa’s said. Remember them? Mama Cass’s smooth voice, the best of the group, Michelle’s high soprano, those 60’s songs that take me right back to high school and making out with John Maydan, he of the heavy-lidded brown eyes who taught me to French kiss…but I digress. It’s the kind of day I love: sleeping in, great shower, dogs adorable, fundraiser lunch so no cooking a big meal, then home on the porch enjoying the breeze and watching the birds and waves, actually getting work done, pausing only to blog a bit…and Wire in the Blood to watch tonight followed by the cutest blood spatter guy ever, Dexter. I just that sociopath. Last week he started to have, gulp, feelings! So cute. If you haven’t discovered Dexter, Sundays at 10pm on CBS.

Finished the Mgt. Duffy series and now have to wait for the next installment of Ingrid Langley and Patrick Gillard novels. If I have one complaint, it’s that these two don’t seem to spend enough time at home with their kids. But then I realize they HAVE been home and I’m just privy to the bits of time when they go off on one of their jaunts, finding spies or murderers, restoring right to the world, having sex on top of furniture…see where my mind is??? I’m treating myself to brain candy today, Mary Higgins Clark’s newest: Where Are You Now? You can whip out one of these babies in a day without guilt and plunge on to the next one waiting on your bookshelf.

Enjoy your Sunday; I plan to enjoy mine.

Domestically challenged tells me she didn’t know any of the shows I mentioned and is still waiting for the Purple Martini to arrive. Anyone have a recipe? My Purple Martins have chosen their respective apartments and are waiting for their better halves to arrive. Radar the Spinone weighed in at 99.6 lbs on Friday and is asleep on his king-sized ottoman, Murray on her bed. All is right with the world–for this minute.